Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5: Adding the Main Spars

Airfix 1:24 FW 190

Airfix 1:24 FW 190

The next step in the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 project was to put the main spars in place in the wings, I assembled them as per the kits instructions, however I removed the spars and didn’t mark which one was which and the result? I glued the landing gear on the wrong spar and downside up to boot!

I’d been very careful and glued everything in very very well so taking them apart was NOT an option! The resolution to the problem? I cut the end off the spars and rotated them 180 degrees and re-glued them back onto the spars they came off, supporting them at the back with pieces of plasticard. So I would caution you, build them one side at a time and only remove those parts that you need to complete the step! I only discovered my mistake when I tried to glue them in place and the spars only fitted with the landing gear pointing up!

Modeler’s Tip: Only remove the parts that you are working on from the sprue.

Issues with the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 kit

I also discovered that one of the spars was a little lower than the other so I glued some L shaped plasticard on top of it to fill the gap. Now again I find that everything was pretty much where it should be, I was careful when putting the cockpit and fuselage together and that care had paid dividends. I then boxed in the front of the wheel wells as Airfix had not provided anything at all. I taped the top of the wings on and drew around the front of the wells with a pencil lead. With this marked I put some L shaped channel onto the outlines.

The hardest part was making the front parts of the wells with holes for the canon to pass through I assembled the wells in two pieces and did the longest part first then the shorter part with the cut out for the canon. The cut outs are slightly off centre but they work so I wasn’t going to redo it all! To mark where the hole should go I put the shaped piece of card in place and put my pencil lead in the cut out in the wing for the canon and marked the piece of plastic card. I then got my hole punch and punched out what I thought was the correct size hole. I’ve only got three sizes of hole punch so it wasn’t all the hard to pick the one I would use! I’d love a set of Waldron punches but I can’t justify the cost of buying a set. (Yet!)


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