Resin Detail Sets

Resin Detail Sets

Resin Detail SetsResin Detail Sets are used to bring an extra level of realism to your model.

Whether you want to correct something on your model that’s wrong, or the kit is missing the detail you want, you can purchase an after market resin detail set to correct this. The type of correction could be say, the ailerons are the wrong shape. Or you may want a cockpit with instruments.

The most common resin detail sets are for the cockpit as this area is notoriously under detailed. Indeed some Airfix kits just consist of a couple of tabs for the pilot figure to sit on. (See my posts on building the Airfix Bristol Beaufighter)

However you are not limited to just the cockpit and control surfaces. The detail kits can have engines, gun bays, wheel wells, landing gear, canon barrels, even air and ground crew. The biggest problem you’ve got in some cases is just how much detail you want to pack into a given model!

Resin detail sets are especially helpful in 1/72 scale as the level of detail is notoriously hard to mold in plastic. The 1:72 scale is what’s known colloquially as “Braille scale”. As a general rule of thumb – the larger the scale, the better the detail.

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