WW2 Jet Aircraft

WW2 Jet Aircraft

ww2 jet aircraftWW2 Jet Aircraft model kits cover jet or rocket propelled aircraft used in World War 2. Jet propulsion technology was in it’s infancy at this time so these are few in number.

Only a few were used operationally by the Brittish, US, and German forces being the Gloster Meteor, Me 262, Ar 234 Blitz and the HE 162.

There were several jet aircraft at the prototype and small production stages as well.

  • The Japanese Kikka (similar in shape to the Me 262 but contrary to popular belief – not a copy) and
  • The Heinkel He 280 potentially operational in 1941 but the RLM showed no interest!

You could perhaps also include the likes of the…

  • Me 163,
  • Yokosuka Ohka (Japanese piloted bomb for Kamikaze missions) and
  • Bachem Ba 349 Natter

These aircraft were rocket propelled and not actually jets, but they are such a small group to be by themselves perhaps it would be possible to put them in here.

This Wilipedia article contain a full list of WW2 jet fighter aircraft

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