Airfix Bristol Beaufighter

Airfix Bristol Beaufighter

The Bristol Beaufighter itself, was a pugnacious and robust aircraft. Silent on low level approach made it an excellent ground attack and anti shipping aircraft.

Derived from the Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber it was extremely well armed, comprising 4 20mm can0n and 6 rifle caliber machine guns as well as bombs rocket and torpedo’s. The Bristol Beaufighter was also used with outstanding success as a dedicated night fighter.

The Airfix Bristol Beaufighter  offering has been around quite a while. I built it as a youngster nearly 40 years ago! The kit is simple but give’s a good looking model after it’s completed. And if like me, later when your skills have improved you do what you can to improve the model. In my case I detailed the interior you can see my posts about how I built the Airfix Bristol Beaufighter.

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The History behind the Airfix Bristol Beaufighter

The Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter, often referred to as simply the Beau, was a British long-range heavy fighter derivative of the Bristol Aeroplane Company’s earlier Beaufort torpedo bomber design. The name Beaufighter is a portmanteau of “Beaufort” and “fighter”.
Unlike the Beaufort, the Beaufighter had a long career and served in almost all theatres of war in the Second World War, first as a night fighter, then as a fighter bomber and eventually replacing the Beaufort as a torpedo bomber. A variant was built in Australia by the Department of Aircraft Production (DAP) and was known in Australia as the DAP Beaufighter. more>>

Source: Wikipedia-Bristol Beaufighter

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Operators of the Airfix Bristol Beaufighter The following are operators of the Bristol Beaufighter Military operators Royal Australian Air Force European Theatre No. 455 Squadron.…

The Airfix Bristol Beaufighter and the Royal Australian Air Force In the Battle of the Bismarck Sea imported Bristol Beaufighter s proved to be highly effective ground attack and maritime strike aircraft.…

No 30 Squadron RAAF and the Airfix Bristol Beaufighter 30 Squadron was established at RAAF Base Richmond on 9 March 1942 as a long-range fighter squadron operating the Bristol Beaufighter.…