Japanese WW2 Airplanes

Japanese WW2 Airplanes

Japanese WW2 Airplanes

Japanese WW2 Airplanes covers any aircraft operated by Japan during World War Two. This would cover their bombers, fighters, Recce aircraft, trainers and any aircraft that they captured or acquired  from other countries.

For instance, Germany sent a Bf109 and a couple of other Aircraft for evaluation purposes to Japan. And Japan license built the Mercedes DB 601A aero  engine for use in their Kawasaki Ki 61 fighter, producing perhaps the best land based fighter of the war.

Japanese fighter aircraft were constantly improved during the war in response to the Allies growing superiority in fighter design and the use of tactics that nullified the Japanese nimbleness. So there were many different marks of the same aircraft.

In some cases where the engine was changed, a complete new aircraft was created. The Ki61 is an example where the license built DB601A was not a reliable engine due to redesign and poor quality control. This engine was changed for the Mitsubishi radial engine thus producing Japan’s best fighter of the war: the Ki 100 Japanese WW2 Airplanes.

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