Revell-Matchbox 1:32 Sea Venom Vampire NF: Finishing Construction

Okay I’m much further on now, the Venom is mostly assembled and the cockpit is together except for the bang seats which I’m now currently painting. There are some very nasty sink marks on this model. I’m unsure if they were present on the Matchbox moulding or not, but they certainly are on the Revell release! I finished painting the cockpit and got the blanking plate for the nose cone painted and installed and then I glued a round fishing sinker in the nose cone as a counterbalance weight, which worked very nicely. It sat forward in the nose cone and I super glued it in place it weighs a little more than was suggested but it won’t hurt to have a little extra. I then glued the nose cone in place and held it firm with Tamiya masking tape till the Tamiya thin cement had dried.

As you can see in the pictures the long grey areas over the wing fold area this is where the major faults are. Top and bottom of both wings. The tail booms and nose area also needed filling, nothing to major but certainly in need of work. Easy enough to fill, just took a couple of applications to do it. I need to mask off the canopy and paint it the interior colour first and then finish it off with extra dark sea grey.  Masking off the upper fuselage for painting will prove interesting to get both sides as symmetrical as possible.

There have been no really nasty fit issues and those fit issues I have had have been really easy to problem solve. Everything has fitted well and has gone together rather easily. Now I’ll get some coats of paint on and then we can see how the decals perform. The ones I used in the cockpit behaved very well and the Microsol worked nicely on them, they softened and pulled down tight to the surface of the instrument panel even though I didn’t remove the detail! It was relatively easy to get the booms and tail surfaces to line up although it was done with the mark one eyeball it seems to have gone together very nicely.


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