Russian WW2 Aircraft

Russian WW2 Aircraft

Russian WW2 AircraftRussian WW2 Aircraft are basically any aircraft used by the Russian Air force during World War 2.

Russia did not produce a great many indigenous aircraft. Rather, they chose to focus on a few specific designs and produce them in bulk. The aircraft designs  were constantly updated and modified, so  there is an interesting range of models available to build.

Non-Russian WW2 Aircraft Used

Not only did the Russian fly indigenous aircraft during Worl War Two, but there were quite a number of lend lease aircraft as well. These aircraft were supplied from both America and Great Britain.

For Great Britain’s part, these lend lease aircraft were usually obsolete second-line fighters. A case in point would be the Spitfire Mk VB – hopelessly outclassed by the FW 190 and replaced by the Mk IX. So, Britain parceled off her fighters to O.T.U. (operational training units) and exported some to Russia. England also supplied Spitfires and Hurricanes.

America supplied Russia with  P39 Aircobras and P40E Curtiss Kittyhawk to name a couple. America also supplied bombers and transport aircraft as well as fighters.

So if you are interested in Russian WW2 aircraft, there is a great range of subjects that can be modeled.

Russian WW2 Aircraft Available Now


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