WW2 RC Airplanes

WW2 RC Airplanes

WW2 RC AirplanesWhile  WW2 RC Airplanes are not something I would classify as a kit set in the typical sense, it is still a valid scale representation of World War 2 airplane.

These types of models use lightweight construction with gas or electric motors for power. I have even seen small jet engines for remote control airplanes and watched these aircraft fly! The noise is totally amazing and they sound like real jet aircraft!!

Owning WW2 RC airplanes would satisfy the needs of those who want to fly a scale model of the real thing. The advantage of which is flying without the ensuing costs for running and flying a real warbird! I personally want a real WW2 warbird of my own, but I will have to wait until I’m independently wealthy!!

None of the main stream model kits makers manufacture remote control airplanes so you will need to look for them in your local hobby shop or online. Here is a list of manufacturers that may produce the WW2 RC Airplanes you are looking for.

WW2 RC Airplanes Available Now


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