Revell-Matchbox 1:32 Sea Venom Vampire NF Building The Goblin Engine

Okay well I’ve made some progress! I started where Revell wanted me too and I’ve put the engine together such as it is. Made a few errors too, which were easy to rectify as the glue hadn’t set at all. The main blunder was assembling the inner parts of the engine thinking I could put the combustion chambers around it once I had, wrong! The engine needs to be assembled in the order specified for it to go together and fit well. So I disassembled it all and started over. Here’s the result.

While I was at it I painted the interior of the fuselage and the landing gear. I used Humbrol’s 78 interior green acrylic which I thinned to spray and I must say it sprayed damn well. It is however susceptible to Tamiya extra thin cement wrinkling like it’d been hit with paint stripper and peeling back. Once the glue was dry however it went back to being quite resilient. I also painted the cockpit and the interior walls now it’s onto assemble the cockpit and hopefully the fuselage. There are many parts to this and care will be needed to make sure it all goes together and lines up. This kit is well over thirty years old now and the moulds are beginning to show their age so care and lots of test fitting will be needed.


Avid WW2 aviation enthusiast and modeller. Been making model kits since age nine and I now model mostly ww2 model airplanes. (my wife is an understanding one!)

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