Italian Aircraft of WW2

Italian Aircraft of WW2

Italian Aircraft of WW2Italian Aircraft of WW2 covers any aircraft used by the Italians during World War 2.

Italy still had biplanes fighters at the outset of World War 2. The Italians used them operationally when other countries had relegated their remaining biplane fighters to second line duties.

Italy sent a Squadron of their CR42 Falco biplanes to fight in the battle of Britain. They didn’t remain long as they were badly mauled by RAF fighter command.

Italy fought along side Germany on the Eastern Front using their own aircraft and those supplied by the Germans. This fact makes for some interesting markings and camouflage for German fighters and bombers.

The main battle field for the Italian aircraft was North Africa. Eventually their battle zone progressed to Sicily and to the Italian mainland itself. Italy’s fight against the Allies ended in 1943 when it signed an armistice with the Allied Forces. With the Italian surrender, Germany seized power and used the Italian aircraft for it’s own purposes.

So the Italians fought on  both sides of the conflict; some with the co-belligerent air force and others with the Germans. This lead to an odd situation where Italian fought Italian.

These historical facts make for some interesting Italian aircraft of WW2 subjects to model; some with Allied markings and others with German markings.

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