WW2 Carrier Aircraft

WW2 Carrier Aircraft

WW2 Carrier AircraftThe WW2 Carrier Aircraft category covers any aircraft flown off an aircraft carrier, from any of the combatant nations, during World War Two.

This would also cover those aircraft designed to be flown off carriers but not actually used. Specifically the Me109T which was designed for Germany’s never completed aircraft carrier Graf  Zeppelin.

Now WW2 Carrier Aircraft can be split into two distinct category’s…

  1. those purpose built for carrier operations and
  2. those converted from land based planes.

For example the Spitfire and Seafire are land to sea conversions. As was the  German Me109T, which is the naval-ised version of the  Me109E-7.

The reverse holds true as well.

For example, the Vought Corsair was a purpose built carrier aircraft. However, the American Navy considered not suitable for carrier deck landings and flew it from land bases instead. This was only until the Fleet Air Arm proved them wrong, by immediately using their lend lease Corsairs on their fleet and escort carriers!

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