WW2 Model Airplanes

WW2 Model Airplanes

WW2 Model AirplanesWW2 Model Airplanes covers any models of aircraft flown during World War Two by any of the combatant nations.  This covers any aircraft of the Allied nations like the UK and her commonwealth, France, Soviet Russia, the US and China versus the Axis Powers; Nazy Germany, Italy and Japan.

WW2 Model Aircraft also covers experimental, prototype and operational aircraft used during this time period. European nations like Poland, Holland or Belgium flew aircraft but weren’t in the fight for long as many were destroyed on the ground before getting a chance to fight. The Poles took their aircraft and flew them out to France and then later Britain to continue the fight.

The WW2 Model Airplanes category is an incredibly diverse and large group of possible kits with a huge array of types of aircraft;

  • Training,
  • Transport,
  • Fighter,
  • Bomber (light, medium, heavy),
  • Ground attack,
  • Liaison,
  • Army co-operation,
  • Flying boat (maritime patrol),

The list is quite substantial and varied. Any one of these sub-categories is respectably huge! This would take a lifetime of work and endeavour, not to mention space to display them all.

I myself am very limited in space, having my work bench in the garage limits my available space. So once built I’m finding I need to find homes for them with other people.

This has led me to do commission work –  building models for other people. This allows me to do the thing I love but not worry about storage of the finished item. I find it’s the building and painting of the model I enjoy the most – working with my hands.

Also, it is unrealistic to cover every type of airplane as not all are modeled and can only be built if you scratch build them (way beyond my meager skills).

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