WW2 Seaplanes

WW2 Seaplanes

WW2 SeaplanesWW2 Seaplanes is a subject that covers any aircraft capable of amphibious, or water only, operations used by the combatant nations during World War 2.

There are two distinct type of seaplanes: The “Flying Boat” and the “Floatplane”.

WW2 Seaplanes varied in size from the giant six engined Viking BV 222 to the single engined Ar 196. There were a myriad of types and sub-types from Germany, France, England, America, Italy, Japan and the Dutch.

The more well known WW2 seaplanes were the famous Short Sunderland flying boats, the American Consolidated Catalina, the Italian Cant Z.501 and the Japanese Kawanishi H8K2. The Kawanishi H8K2 is arguably the best airplane of it’s type from World War 2.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of WW2 Seaplanes in case you are at a lost as to which seaplane you would like to model

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