Model Airplane Gallery

Model Airplane Gallery

Browse the Model Airplane Gallery for images of

  • Model airplane kits I have completed,
  • Projects I am currently in the process of building, and
  • World War 2 Air Shows I and my friends have attended.

Check back often as I will be updating the gallery regularly.


ww2 model airplane kits

NZ FlyBoy

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Warbird Airshows

Warbirds Over Wairarapa 2009 (27 Photos)

Ohakea Air Show 2012 (16 Photos)

Projects not Reviewed

Completed Projects not Blogged about (56 photos)

  1. Israeli AT6 (4 photos)
  2. Ki61 Tony (12 photos)
  3. Academy 1:72 P40 – Commissioned Build (15 photos)
  4. Airfix 1:72 Strike-master K88 (3 photos)
  5. Airfix 1:72 Focke-Wulf Mistel & TA154 (6 photos)
  6. Trumpeter 1:72 Sea-fury (4 photos)
  7. Hasegawa 1:32 F16 (3 photos)
  8. Hobbycraft 1:32 Sopworth Camel (9 photos)

Model Airplane Kit Reviews

Off-Topic Galleries

Non Wingy Thingys (37 photos)

  1.  Breda Italian Anti-Aircarft Gun (9 photos)
  2. Long Range Desert Group Chevy (28 photos)