WW2 Aircraft Models

WW2 Aircraft Models

WW2 AircraftWW2 Aircraft is an incredibly large group of aircraft to model. It covers any aircraft used in World war 2 by any combatant nation during that time period. The range is diverse with fighters, bombers, transport, liaison, and Recce being included.

There were few countries not involved in the war to some degree on both the Axis and Allied sides. Even so, these non combatant nations still flew examples of the then current fighter and bomber aircraft.

Some may choose to focus on certain World War Two Campaigns that interest them. The years between 1939 and 1945 give the military modeler plenty to choose from.

  • 1939: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland
  • 1940: Norway & Denmark, France and the Low Countries, North Africa, East Africa, Britain, Dakar, Greece, Indo-China
  • 1941: Yugoslavia & Greece, Crete, Iraq, Syria, Soviet Union, Iran, Pacific
  • 1942: Malta, Ceylon, Coral Sea, Midway, Stalingrad, Dieppe, Guadalcanal, French North Africa
  • 1943: Kursk, Poloesti, Berlin
  • 1944: Western Europe, Philippine Sea
  • 1945: Ardennes

So the choice is huge with lots of interesting subjects,  and the chance to build some truly obscure models occurs.

Cottage manufacturers of WW2 aircraft like Signifer will produce models that main stream manufacturers would not consider making.  For example, Signifer produce the Dewoitine HD780, which is a French gull wing float plane.This is a truly interesting subject to this modeler!!

Below is just a sampling of the WW2 Aircraft available to buy and build

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