WW2 Model Airplane Kit Projects

WW2 Model Airplane Kit Projects

Creating WW2 Airplane Replicas

Modern airplane model kits are reasonably well detailed and take up little room in your display case (assuming of course you have such a thing). However all airplane model kits can be improved by judicious use of after-market parts and scratch built parts. Still, if you are not the perfectionist, a satisfying replica can be built on a shoestring budget, with a little know how, some basic tools and good research materials.

Basic Modeling Materials and Equipment.

Like any hobby it is the hobbyist’s passion, dedication and budget that determines what and how much they will spend on the tools required. Here are a few basic tool and equipment tips for the beginner.

  • Work Area: This needs to be well lit and ventilated. An old bench or table will suffice for a work-bench but be mindful that you will be working with paints, solvents and glues so it is wise to set up in the garage or basement to avoid at home wars if the good dining suite or carpet get ruined.
  • Work Light: An adjustable table lamp is advisible here so you can put the light where you need it without casting shadows over your work
  • Cutting board: This will protect your work-surface from nicks and scratches and provide a safe area to cut.
  • Hobby knife: Necessary for removing model parts from the kit frames (sprues), trimming excess plastic (flash)off parts, numerous other uses. These come in a range of handle types and blade sizes. If you can afford it, have a selection so you don’t need to chop and change blades.
  • Safety glasses: Like all things, safety first! Use whenever you cut anything.
  • Sandpaper: Use for general cleanup of models; remove excess glue, prepare smooth finish before painting.  Have a range of grits from 400 up to 2000.
  • Fine tweezers: For gripping small parts… WARNING! Do not use the Mrs’!
  • Paint brushes: Have a wide range of natural hair brushes on hand even if you plan to use spray cans or an airbrush. You will find that there will be small parts that require brushing.
  • Steel Pins: Helpful when applying a fine bead of glue.
  • Toothpicks: Handy for for stirring or mixing paint. Wooden toothpicks are disposable so less clean up is required.
  • Glue: An indispensable part of modelling.  The tube works well for most things and there are bottles with neddle applicators.  Select a clear glue for multi-pupose use on both body and clear canopies. Ensure that it is paintable.
  • Filler: Available in pot, tube or twin-mix and is used to fill gaps between glued parts.
  • Masking Tape: General all-purpose aid for test fitting parts and masking areas during painting.
  • Paint and Paint Thinner: Most kits will list the paint colors you require and alway use the thinner recommended by the paint manufacturer.

Nice-to-Have Tools

  • Cutting pliers: For removing stubborn parts from the sprues.
  • Razor saw: Also for removing parts from sprues.
  • Airbrush or Spray Cans: Generally gives a better finish than paintbrushes as there are no brush marks.
  • Air Compressor: For use with the airbrush and blowing dust away.  A compressor offers better performance and more versatility than propellant in a can.
  • Paint Booth: Not necessary but handy to catch overspray of paint, however a large cardboard box will suffice.  Some better spray booth designs have exhaust fans and ducting to the building exterior but this is not needed if you only spray outside.

My WW2 Model Airplane Kit Projects

Below is a list of WW2 model airplane kit projects I have been working on and the links to the posts about them. For those WW2 model airplanes kits I have not yet posted about I have included a picture of the kit (or one similar) and a link to the kit itself.

I have divided the list into 3 categories… Current Builds, Completed Projects, and Future Projects & Wish-list. The items tagged with an (*) are kits I have yet to find.

You may be wondering how I come up with the items on my wish-list. I found a great little resource publication: Illustrated Directory of Fighting Aircraft of World War II.

Its a good reference book of WW2  fighters, bombers and ground attack aircraft from France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, USA and others. It includes a little of the history, illustrations and color profiles. I highly recommend it!

Current WW2 Model Airplane Kit Builds

ICM 1:72 scale Me109E7 Tamiya De Haviland Mosquito FB Mk VI  Revell Hawker Hurricane MkIIB
1/72 scale 1/72 scale

Completed WW2 Model Airplane Kits


AirFix Bristol Beaufighter Signifer Grummon Goose  Italeri KittyHawk MkIV
1/48 scale

Model Kits Now Available To Buy

Airfix Bristol Beaufighter

Airfix Bristol Beaufighter

The Bristol Beaufighter itself, was a pugnacious and robust aircraft. Silent on low level approach made it an excellent ground attack and anti shipping aircraft. Derived from the Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber it was extremely well armed, comprising...
Grumman Goose Model Kits

Grumman Goose Model Kits

The Grumman Goose is a patrol and reconnaissance anti-submarine aircraft  with the handy ability of being able to land in water or on land. Sometimes referred to as the "Cutters" Goose this aircraft was initially used as a commuter before being drafted ...
Messerschmitt Bf 109

Messerschmitt Bf 109

My personal favourite kit to build of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 is the 1:72 scale ICM Me109E-7 Trop (as pictured left). You can read about how I built this kit by clicking on the image  to the left or the link above. You will also find images of the...

Future Projects & *Wish-list

Airfix Bolton Paul Defiant NF MkI Italeri T-6G Texan Revell Lysander Mk1/Mk111
1/72 scale (Harvard) – 1/48 scale 1/32 scale
Dragon HE162 Mistel Italeri BF109-G6 Airfix Henschel HS123A-1
1/48 scale (Master Series) 1/72 scale 1/72 scale
Revell F6F-5 Hellcat Trumpeter Messerschmitt ME262A-1a Tamiya Dewoitine D520
1/72 scale 1/72 scale 1/48 scale
 *Tamiya Aichi M6A1 Seiran Airfix North American T-6G  Texan Signifer Grumman Goose
1/48 scale (Harvard) 1/72 scale (Cutters Goose) 1/48 scale
*Hallifax Bomber *Lancaster Bomber *Hampden Torpedo Bomber
1/72 scale 1/72 scale 1/48 scale (489 Squadron)
 *Westland Whirlwind *Polikarpov I153 “Chalika” *Henschel HS123A-1
 1/48 scale  1/48 scale  1/48 scale