1:32 Scale Model Airplanes

1:32 Scale Model Airplanes

1/32 scale models of different airplanes from various manufacturers.

1/32 scale (also written as 1:32 scale) means that the finished model will be 1/32 the size of the original aircraft. So to put this into perspective if the life size object was say 32 feet long, the scale model would be 1 foot long.

1/32 scale conversion is not as easy to work in as say 1/72 scale (1:72), however it will result is a larger finished model airplane. Traditionally* 1:32 scale is used for model car tracks and railways. *see reference below

The 1:32 scale model airplane kit will have everything you need to complete the model but if you suffer from AMS (Advanced Modeller Syndrome) and want to scratch build extra detailing such as cockpit etc, be mindful of your scaling.


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What is 1:32 Scale?

1:32 scale is a traditional scale for models and miniatures, in which one unit (such as an inch or a centimeter) on the model represents 32 units on the actual object. It is also known as “three-eighths scale“, since 3/8-inch represents a foot. A man is 2-1/4 inches tall (55 mm) in 1:32 scale.
1:32 was once so common a scale for toy trains, autos, and soldiers that it was known as “standard size” in the industry (not to be confused with Lionel’s “Standard Gauge”).1:32 is the scale for Gauge 1 toy and model trains. It was the scale of some of the earliest plastic model car kits. It is a common scale for aircraft models and for figure modeling, where it is called 54 mm scale, from the height of the human figure. 1:32 was used for equipment to match 54 mm toy soldiers for miniature wargaming and was common in scale military modeling such as tanks and armored cars until it was largely replaced by 1:35 scale.
1:32 is now considedered to be the ‘Normal’ scale for agricultural models such as Britains or Siku
1:32 is a useful scale for scratch modelling or railways. As well as standard gauge gauge 1 using 45mm/1¾” track, narrow gauge modellers use 0 gauge (32mm – 1¼”) track for 42″, 1m and 36″ gauge originals. Also H0/00 track at 16.5mm is used to represent models of 2’/60 cm gauge railways.
Today, 1:32 is associated with slot car scale. A standard for tabletop rail-racing in the mid-1950s, it was adopted by the original slot car manufacturers, Victory Industries and Scalextric.

Source: Wikipedia- 1:32 Scale

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