American WW2 Aircraft

American WW2 Aircraft

American WW2 AircraftAmerican WW2 Aircraft covers perhaps the greatest array of aircraft in a particular group of World War Two models to make.

The aircraft that the US produced were not only for the USA itself, but the manufactured airplanes for the rest of the Allies as well. The Boston Maryland  was one such WW2 American aircraft that the US produced solely for their Allies.

Oddly enough, not all aircraft produced by America for their allies were accepted. The British turned down several aircraft they considered unsuitable for whatever reason.

America produced an astonishing number of aircraft during the war. They worked on developing replacements for obsolete aircraft, only to find the replacements were, in fact, worse than the aircraft they were supposed to replace!

The modeler has an incredibly wide choice of subjects in this category. Be aware that you need to consider there were a number of models for a given airframe when making your model selection.

Take the P51 Mustang; It went through various transformations:

  • the A36 Apache (A dedicated dive bomber)
  • P51A
  • P51B
  • P51 C
  • P51D and
  • P51F (a light weight version)

There are probably some I have missed, but you get the idea!

So given the amount of American WW2 Aircraft there were, the modeler is now left with the choice of what scale!

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