WW2 Fighter Aircraft

WW2 Fighter Aircraft

WW2 Fighter AircraftWW2 Fighter Aircraft covers any aircraft used for the purpose of air superiority, simply stated: to deny the enemy the airspace to operate.

Whether the fighter designed for this purpose, could actually do the job assigned, is entirely another matter!!

The history of WW2 Fighter Aircraft is littered with airplanes not fit for the job they were envisaged for. With that being said,  many were to find roles at which they excelled!

Take the story of the Hawker Typhoon…

Sir Sydney Camm realized early on, that the limiting factor in the Hurricane’s performance was it’s wing.  So Sir Sydney Camm designed a new wing. Around this new wing he designed a fuselage to accommodate the Napier 24 cylinder sleeve valve engine.

The Napier 24 cylinder sleeve valve engine produced prodigious amounts of horse power but only at low to medium levels. This made it totally unsuitable for the interceptor role envisaged for this engine. However, at medium to low altitudes it excelled, and could carry ordinance.

This is how the Hawker Typhoon found it’s niche as the RAFs premier ground attack aircraft – a reputation it deservedly earned.

There is an impressive List of WW2 Fighter Aircraft to chose from four distinct classes:

  • Biplane fighters
  • Single engined, single seat monoplane fighters and fighter bombers
  • Heavy fighters (multi-engined or multi-seat) and night fighters
  • Jet- and rocket- propelled fighters

There will always be plenty of WW2 fighter aircraft subjects to model if these interest you.

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