German WW2 Airplanes

German WW2 Airplanes

German WW2 Airplanes is a large and varied group of aircraft. This List of German WW2 Airplanes covers aircraft of Nazi Germany that served in the Luftwaffe during World War Tw0.

German aircraft manufacturers at the time were: Arado, Bachem, Blohm und Voss, Dornier, Focke-Wulf, Fieseler, Gotha, Heinkel, Henschel, Horten, Junkers, Messerschmitt, and Siebel.

The Germans captured a great many aircraft from the conquered European states. While the Germans may have considered the majority to be obsolete and not fit for front line duties this didn’t stop them from using them in a second line or export role.

For instance, captured Hawk 75 aircraft still in crates from the United States were unpacked, checked, and then sold to Finland for use in their war with the Russians.

The Germans used captured examples of the Dewoitine D520 as an advanced trainer for their fighter pilots and as a second line fighter for policing duties.  Germany also delivered to her European Allies captured aircraft and worn out or obsolete aircraft from their inventory for their own air forces.

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