New Project: Airfix 1:72 Short Sunderland III Flying Boat

Well, it would seem that those that voted wanted to see me build this particular kit! The Airfix 1:72 Short Sunderland III Flying Boat

I must admit to not minding at all, I love flying boats! This kit has been around a long time – originally moulded in the sixties (Much like the guy building it) – it’s a little gimmicky and toy like but that was the sixties for you.

In my search on the web for information regarding this kit I stumbled upon this build log I heartily suggest you go look at it here at the Brit Modeller Forum. After reading this build log I realise that I’m going to stretch myself with this build. But after all isn’t that what it’s all about? Stretching our abilities getting out of our comfort zone and learning and applying new techniques.

As in any build, you gather your references and hopefully a good picture of the aircraft concerned, to give you a look of what it looked like while serving during World War 2 or in peacetime. Either way, you’ll need some reference of  it to render it as correct as possible.

This is, of course, dependent on just how far you want to delve into the murky mists of World War 2 aviation. You might be just as happy building it straight form the box, or you could spend many hours burning the Internet oil looking for pictures and references to the particular subject your building.

I’ve gathered my supplies and girded my loins to begin this build log.

I’ll not do much more in this post other than to say that I’ve spent time setting up a photo album and gallery for this build log and you can check the kit contents for your self.

Happy modelling



Avid WW2 aviation enthusiast and modeller. Been making model kits since age nine and I now model mostly ww2 model airplanes. (my wife is an understanding one!)

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