WW2 Warbirds

WW2 Warbirds

WW2 WarbirdsWW2 Warbirds  is a term used to describe flying or static ex-military World War Two aircraft owned by civilians.

However when the term “warbird” is uttered, people usually think of aircraft from World War 2 that are either currently in flying condition or on static display in military museums around the world. This is a common misconception but talk to any Warbird enthusiast or owner and they will put you straight!

These flying pieces of history are important and as the victors, the allied aircraft are well represented.

Sadly the Axis Powers are not so well represented in the WW2 Warbird category and Japan has virtually no flying warbirds when compared to the Allied aircraft. However to put it in context, Japan was the vanquished aggressor so her aircraft were turned in and destroyed. The same thing was done with Germany’s aircraft.

Lessons were learnt in the light of World War One and the vanquished nations were helped to re-build. But their precious air history was scrapped and melted down. A fact that I, as a fan of World war 2 model airplane kits, find deplorable, but understandable.

Some of the most manufactured aircraft of World War Two are nothing more than the remains of a fuselage or two, as in the case of the G3M Betty bomber. This is something that strikes me as vaguely criminal from an aviation history stand point.

If you have ever been to a WW2 Warbirds Air Show and seen these magnificent beasts flying you will begin to understand my passion for these aircraft. Even my wife and kids enjoy watching them fly though they have absolutely no interest in the aircraft I model. The same can be said about my best mate’s family.

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