WW2 Bomber Aircraft

WW2 Bomber Aircraft

WW2 Bomber AircraftWW2 Bomber Aircraft is a large generic category that covers any bomber operational, or not, during World War 2. This includes those prototype aircraft that were flown or on the drawing board.

Revell has a large number of what is called “Luft 46” WW2 bomber aircraft. Luft 46 are those aircraft on the German drawing boards or in prototype construction. These aircraft – some practical, some outlandish, – affect aircraft production today.

WW2 Bomber Aircraft covers the stars of Bombers during World War 2, to the less well known and obscure. To name just a few. .

The Allied Stars…

  • Avro Lancaster,
  • Boeing B17,
  • Consolidated B24.

The German Stars

  • Heinkel He 111,
  • Dornier Do17,
  • Heinkel He177

To find the obscure and less well known bombers is not easy.  Mainstream manufacturers feel there is no market for these models so they will not produce them. This leaves the modeler with the choice to either scratch build a subject or convert existing kits to suit.

Again because WW2 Bomber Aircraftcovers such a wide variety of aircraft the modeler is spoilt for choice.

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