British WW2 Aircraft

British WW2 Aircraft

British WW2 Aircraft covers any aircraft made and used by Great Britain and her allies during the war period. This also means any lend lease aircraft or any indigenous to Great Britain.

This gives the modeler an excellent range of aircraft to work from as Great Britain operated a huge array of aircraft. These included American, French, Polish, Dutch and even German, (captured aircraft flown for evaluation purposes!) basically anything that carried RAF roundels.

This would also include:

  • Training aircraft such as the venerable Gypsy Moth, Miles Magister and the American Harvard.
  • Fighters from the Spitfire and Hurricane to the American Mustang And Thunderbolt.
  • Bomber Aircraft From the early Wellingtons and Whitleys to the penultimate bombing weapon platform the Avro Lancaster.

Great Britain flew a great many American bomber aircraft, some like the Boston Maryland, were only operated by Great Britain although manufactured in the United Sates. Others, like the Boeing B17, were used by both America And Great Britain.

British WW2 Aircraft Models to Build


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