WW2 Navy Aircraft

WW2 Navy Aircraft

WW2 Navy AircraftWW2 Navy Aircraft covers any aircraft used, or designed for use, by the Navy’s of any of the combatant countries during World War Two.

As you can imagine this also covers spotter aircraft flown from capital ships and catapult aircraft from C.A.M. (Catapult Armed Merchants) Ships.

During the hectic battle for the Atlantic, Britain armed some of her Merchant ships with Hawker Sea Hurricanes. These were used to chase off circling Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condors and other German surveillance aircraft and bombers.

When in range of land the idea was that the pilot would try to reach land, or ditch close to an escort or merchant ship to be picked up. As you can imagine this would be a mission close to suicide –  if a land base was not close enough, a human will not last long in the Atlantic’s frigid waters.


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