Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5: Adding the Top of the Wings

Okay, a little more of the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 build I think! Now to the wing tops, cockpit and landing gear…

Getting the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 Wing Fit Right

Yes there is a little warp in the wings however the spar along with the locating pins and holes will take care of it – if you are careful when gluing them together, I wasn’t!  I managed to snap off the two front locating pins which made gluing the wings together a little more difficult.

However with careful attention to the wing tips, making sure that top and bottom were even, and the use of plenty of Tamiya masking tape and spring clamps, I got the right hand side wing on with no gap at the wing root what so ever!

The left hand side however was not so good but I remedied this with a 2mm thick strip of evergreen styrene later. Add some some putty and a coat of paint – it’ll be hard to spot.

The inboard cannon cover will also need the same width strip as well as it will sit 2mm away from the wing. But just around the top left edge as the bulged cover at the back easily covers the gap. (see photos of the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 wings)

Working on the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 Cockpit and Canopy

I then turned my attention to the canopy and painted the interior of the frame using colour RLM66 and the headrest using Humbrol colour 62-leather.

While it was drying I took a look at the crash bump pad around the instrument combing and considered it quite anorexic. So in an effort to plump it up I mixed up some milliput and made a thin sausage of it. I then applied it around the edge, using a wet finger to smooth and shape it. When I was happy with the result I used the remainder to make the leather seat cushion.

Just a note here regarding the the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 bump pad:
After I had it in place and to the shape I desired, I test fitted the front of the canopy and found it was a little TOO plump! So after some careful shaping of the milliput I got it to a point where the front canopy fitted over it with a little clearance.

When it was dry the next morning, I drilled and cut out the hand holds on either side of the instrument combing. I then painted the seat Humbrol leather as well, giving the seat a fairly rumpled creased look to it which I accentuated with Tamiya “smoke” enamel paint. This darkened up the Humbrol paint and gave it a certain level of grime and shadow. I then gave the headrest the same smoke treatment and glued on the canopy.

Working on the Airfix 1:24 FW 190 A-5 Landing Gear

Turning my attention to the landing gear I looked over the hubs and have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a set of hubs like that on a Fw190! However after looking over my 1/48 Hasegawa Fw190A-5 I find the same hubs and realise my knowledge is incomplete and I need to do a little more study!

I did briefly consider looking for some resin replacements but decided that if I wanted to keep to my “use what’s in the kit” theme, then I’d better do something to enhance their look.

So with that in mind I drilled out the holes and cut out a couple of appropriately sized plasticard circles which I glued on the inside of the hubs. I drilled out the centre of the hubs and drilled holes through both sides of the wheel shaft. I got some very thin copper wire and created some pins to go through the drilled holes.

The result wasn’t too bad in my book – see photos and make your own decisions.

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