Trumpeter ChinaTrumpeter-China is one of the new breed of Chinese kitset manufacturers. Initially the kits had quality issues and were not up to the level of modern kits. But Trumpeter are innovative, and as with most Chinese ventures, quickly improved in quality and quantity.

I like these kits because they are substantially cheaper than their Japanese counter parts. They are also beginning to surpass them in quality and detail.

One thing I do like is that the Chinese are not afraid to tackle subjects that western companies might normally shy away from.

Trumpeter also provide a good supply of Chinese subjects. I always look to see what Trumpeter are going to produce next. I have built a number of their kits and I like them they have few fit issues now and make into excellent models.

I must confess that the majority of the Trumpeter kits I have made thus far have been 1/72 scale armour kits for my War Games armies. I’ve been able to find cheap, well detailed models of kits that I might otherwise not have been able to find. (yes I also model small scale armour!)

Trumpeter-China produce aircraft in 1:144, 1:72, 1:48, 1:32 and 1:24 scale. The larger kits are more detailed than their simpler smaller scales and contain some metal parts.

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