Roden Limited Model Kits

Roden Limited Model Kits

roden-logoRoden Limited is a relative new comer but has built a reputation for manufacturing WW1 biplanes to an exceptional standard. Roden has recently branched out into World War 2 aircraft and later aircraft kitsets. For a youngster to the model kit game, European based Roden have an impressive record of 30 awards for their models dating from 2002 to 2011.

Roden Limited has also just started on a line off WW2 armour kits which are made to an exceptionally good level of detail if somewhat too expensive for my tastes. However these are still incredibly well detailed kits.

The Roden range may be limited (just 14 kits in the WW2 era) but they are developing new kits all the time using the four facets of their business: solid-state modeling and industrial design, products and tooling design, tool manufacturing, and manufacturing of plastic items.

This is where youth is on their side… modern technology is their inheritance. They are not bogged down by vintage method and equipment which lends itself to modern innovation and initiatives. One such initiative is to ask their customers for what they want to see and build as a model kit.

New Roden Limited Online Store

Roden now has a dedicated online store at where they state ” New online store – better prices”. When you visit you are greeted by an intriguing interactive graphic. I won’t tell you what it is and spoil the surprise… go see for yourself.

Roden Kits are sold in 30 countries through their distributor network and ships directly to a fairly comprehensive list of regions: Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Central Asia & Middle East, Central & South America, Eastern Europe, Mexico & Caribbean, Northern Europe, South-Eastern Asia, United States & Canada, and Western Europe.

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