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Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

I have built kits from the majority of these model airplane kit manufacturers and have written briefly my impressions of them as a guide to enable you to make choices. Simply, it may boil down to who has the kit you want to build in the scale you want to model it in. But in those situations where there are a number of possible manufacturers information and impressions can be helpful in making your choice of kit.

Here is a list of manufacturers that I have gleaned from the internet that deal in WW2 model airplanes. Click on the model airplane kitset manufacturer’s name to be taken to the review page and a list of currently available kitsets from that manufacturer.

 Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

academy logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Academy Model Kits

Academy Model Kits (Korea) is another manufacturer the produces excellently detailed kits, but the prices tend to be much more reasonable. You're getting much more kit for your dollar and these kits can be as well detailed as Tamiya for around roughly...
accurate miniatures logo1 Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Accurate Miniatures Model Kits

Accurate Miniatures was in my opinion the best Model kitset manufacturer on the market. Incredibly well detailed kits for a reasonable price, considering the amount of detail. The kit range was small but it was being expanded.The fit of the kits...
airfix logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Airfix Model Kits

Airfix Models, what can one say? I have a real soft spot for these kits! I built them in the formative years of model building. They are not the most detailed of kits and most of the old kits have raised panel and rivet detail as opposed to the accepted...
airmodel logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Airmodel Products

Airmodel Products is a German manufacturer of conversion kits and some complete kits. The majority are for aviation modellers, however they also produce a number of kits for the armor modeller.The kits are of what is termed Luft '46 and prototype...
antares logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Antares Models

Antares Models is a producer and mail-order company specialized in uncommon resin conversion kits. Main point of interest is that they are prototypes, or strange aircraft types, mostly of World War Two in 1:48th scale, which are not available at...
aoshima logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Aoshima Plastic Models

Aoshima is Japan's oldest model kit producer who market their product under the Minicraft banner. These kits are well detailed and relatively easy to assemble and fit issues are only present with the older molds. AOSHIMA was established in 1923...
dragon logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Dragon Models Ltd

Dragon Models Ltd, or DML as they refer to themselves, is an innovative company using advanced slide mold technology to create models of unheard of detail. Their Master Class kits are astounding with the level of detail and photo-etch supplied...
eduard logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Eduard Model Accessories

Eduard Model Accessories is a company who produce exact replicas of the original. They make good use of photo-etch parts which are pre-painted and make a realistic instrument panel incredibly easy.The kits are incredibly well detailed contain...
finemolds logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Fine Molds Model Kits

Fine Molds has built a reputation for excellent kits much like Tamiya and Hasegawa. In fact, I believe that these are some of the best detailed, easily assembled model airplane kits on the market.Fine Molds is one of the few manufacturers that...
fujimi banner022 Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Fujimi Model Kits

Fujimi model kits website you will need to transplate the pages from Japanese to english or whatever your native language is.Fujimi Model Kits for Sale
hasegawa logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Hasegawa Hobby Kits

Hasegawa Hobby Kits is one of the big two in main stream model kitset manufacturers. Hasegawa has a wide range of subjects covering all of the mainstream genres and more. Hasegawa also cover  a number of scales and their kits are well detailed that ...
hobbycraft logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Hobbycraft Canada

Hobbycraft Canada have been in the game for many years now, the company has been going since 1938. I have made a number of their models and I have found them to be very well priced and of excellent quality.Hobbycraft Cananda manufacture plastic...
icm logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

ICM Holding Model Kits

ICM Holding models are one of my favourite kit manufacturers. I think their kits in 1/72 scale are outstanding. The airplane model kits are well designed with good detail and are very affordable when compared to similarly detailed kits.The styrene...
italeri logo11 Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Italeri Incorporated Model Kits

Italeri  Incorporated are another model manufacturer who are innovative in their approach to the kits they produce.Like many model manufacturers Italeri was born out of passion for building scale models as an answer to a gap in the modeling market. ...
modelcraft logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Modelcraft Incorporated Model Kits

Modelcraft Incorporated have been manufacturing model kits since 1994. They have since expanded their range when they bought the old Frog molds so the Frog models are being released under the Modelcraft Incorporated banner.Frog was a well-known...
revell logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Revell-Monogram Model Kits

Revell-Monogram model kits seem like they've been around forever and truth be told they are amongst the oldest of kit manufacturers. Both companies were started by men born in 1917, one in California, the other in Chicago.  Revell began producing ...
roden logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Roden Limited Model Kits

Roden Limited is a relative new comer but has built a reputation for manufacturing WW1 biplanes to an exceptional standard. Roden has recently branched out into World War 2 aircraft and later aircraft kitsets. For a youngster to the model kit game,...
tamiya logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Tamiya Incorporated

Well Tamiya Incorporated has come to epitomise all that is good and wonderful in the kit making world.I call them shake and bake kits: they go together so well that if you were to toss a tube of glue in the box and give it a shake a made kit will...
trumpeter logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers


Trumpeter-China is one of the new breed of Chinese kitset manufacturers. Initially the kits had quality issues and were not up to the level of modern kits. But Trumpeter are innovative, and as with most Chinese ventures, quickly improved in quality...
zvezda logo Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers

Zvezda Plastic Models

Zvezda  (Russian for "Star") is the largest model kit and board game manufacturer in Russia today holding 75% of the Russian market having been established since 1991. They are a prolific manufacturer that annually produce over 500 types of products ...

Wikipedia has an even longer list of model airplane kitset manufacturers if you wish to do further investigation.

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