WW2 Model Airplane Links

WW2 Model Airplane Links

Friendly Links To Other Sites of Interest

Resource sites are an important part of building scale replicas whether it be of aircraft or armoured vehicles, Wikipaedia is a good place to start, it offers good content that is crossed referenced with other related subjects.

Websites like Hyperscale and AeroScale are also important because they offer in box and build reviews of various kits from the different manufacturers and can inform you of any problems such as casting defects or ejector pin marks.

Smakr is another good website full of interesting kits and subjects in small scale World War 2 model Airplane Kits and offers a different perspective of the various kits and the what remedies to use to fix your kitset model.

There are other resource websites out there like World War 2 Planes.com which cover a great selection of world war 2 airplanes. Also remember the website of the various IMPS model society’s, the one I visit most often is the Stockholm chapters website. There are also sites that merely act as a storage for documents from the war era such as Luftwaffe archives and record Group or the Luftarchiv.de. For the RAF you can go to the official RAF website Royal Air force or the Royal Air Force museum both interesting and informative sites.