WW2 Model Airplanes

WW2 Model Airplanes

WW2 Model Airplanes is very broad term that covers an enormous amount of kit sets and scales. Most avid model builders choose to specialize in a particular area and scale, say, German aircraft in 1/72 scale, US Bombers in 1/48 scale, etc

World War Two Air Campaigns

Some may choose to focus on certain World War Two Campaigns that interest them. The years between 1939 and 1945 give the military modeler plenty to choose from.

  • 1939: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland
  • 1940: Norway & Denmark, France and the Low Countries, North Africa, East Africa, Britain, Dakar, Greece, Indo-China
  • 1941: Yugoslavia & Greece, Crete, Iraq, Syria, Soviet Union, Iran, Pacific
  • 1942: Malta, Ceylon, Coral Sea, Midway, Stalingrad, Dieppe, Guadalcanal, French North Africa
  • 1943: Kursk, Poloesti, Berlin
  • 1944: Western Europe, Philippine Sea
  • 1945: Ardennes

WW2 Airplane Research

Most model kits will have artwork on the box or packaging, a paint guide and some kits may even have data sheets on the particular airplane you are replicating. However a little extra research on your model will help with the final product. After-all, you need to know what something looks like before you can put it together and detail it so it looks like the real thing.

Now, having good resource materials does not mean you need to buy them, unless you have the disposable income to do so. It simply means a trip to your local library or a trip through cyberspace to find the information you need. I have a few WW2 model airplane research tips for you.

I’m blessed in that my local Library has a plentiful supply of resource materials on the subjects I like to model.  I can also flesh out the data with photos and articles from the many websites that cater to our craft!

Choosing Your Modelling Project

Selecting a project is all dependent on budget (or what your significant other will let you spend!), interest and availability, so the first consideration is what scale and which subjects.  Now I’m not advocating being rigid in the pursuit of your given slice of the modelling world, I personally model in a number of scales and areas. What appeals to me is the subject itself, something that whispers… “build me!”

Joining modeling clubs can provide you with a good source of kits and cheap resources. I’m currently looking for a model kit of a Me410 in 1/48 scale to add to my stash – I’m in no hurry so when the right kit at the right price comes along, I snatch it up.

My best piece of advice to you is define what you want to model and what scale first. I recommend that you find a subject that excites your passion and then decide what scale you want to work in. Once you’ve figured that out it’s time to look for the model you want and which manufacturer that suits your budget.

Finding WW2 Model Airplanes To Build

You can of course go to your local plastic model kit store and spend hours browsing the  kits on display. I have a number of favorite local shops that I visit on a regular basis when I have the time. However when time is of the essence, or a particular kits is not available locally, I will let my fingers do the walking and search the internet.

With the current down turn in the economy, budget becomes ever more important! eBay and other auction sites provide a good source of good quality, cheap kits. Keep an eye out on the Announcement Spot to the right where I will announce kits and completed models I am selling on TradeMe

Within the pages of this site you will find cheap model airplane kits by clicking the Cheap Model Airplanes link, the Model Airplane Kitset Manufacturers link and the WW2 Model Airplane Projects Link  in the top menu. These will lead you to specific pages which will show you the latest kits available for each model airplane type or search term.

Finally we have added a Model Airplane Search page where you can type in your search terms such as manufacturer, airplane type, scale of model, etc to see what’s available to buy right now.

So happy hunting and good luck with your chosen slice of the modelling world.