Tamiya Incorporated

Tamiya Incorporated

tamiya-logoWell Tamiya Incorporated has come to epitomise all that is good and wonderful in the kit making world.

I call them shake and bake kits: they go together so well that if you were to toss a tube of glue in the box and give it a shake a made kit will come out! These have to be some of the most well engineered and simple to put together kits on the market.

However if you are like me you enjoy the challenge of making kits fit together, only build Tamiya kits once in a while when you want an easy project to build. But I must say the level of detail in the Tamiya Incorporated kits never ceases to amaze.

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History of Tamiya Incorporated

Tamiya Incorporated was founded by Yoshio Tamiya in 1946. Tamiya Shoji & Co, as the company was known then, was a Saw Mill and lumber supply business which started producing wooden model kits in 1948 by the newly created  wooden model department.

With the ascent of plastic model popularity and decline of wooden model popularity, Tamiya made the shift to producing plastic model kits in 1962. (The year I was born!)

Since then the company has striven to be the world leader in quality or as they state it: “First in Quality Around the World”

Tamiya Shoji & Co has expanded the Tamiya Group into the following Divisions:

  • Tamiya Incorporated (Japan) – established March 1984. Operates Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Promotion.
  • Tamiya America (California) – established May 10, 1989. Operates Sales & Promotion in the US.
  • Tamiya Europe GmbH (Germany) – established Jun 28, 1989. Operates Sales Support and Promotion for European market.
  • Tamiya Hong Kong – established Dec 9, 1993. Operates Cooperative Business Management across Asia and Supply of Materials.
  • Tamiya Philippines – established Sep 13, 1994. Manufacturing operations.