Modelcraft Incorporated Model Kits

Modelcraft Incorporated Model Kits


Modelcraft Incorporated have been manufacturing model kits since 1994. They have since expanded their range when they bought the old Frog molds so the Frog models are being released under the Modelcraft Incorporated banner.

Frog was a well-known British brand of flying model aircraft and scale model construction kits from the 1930s to the 1970s. Obviously the Frog molds will have raised panel lines and will not be as detailed as the current Modelcraft kits but Frog still produced some good kits. I’d buy them if only for sentimental reasons!!

Modelcraft kitsets are good kits of interesting subjects in a variety of scales. These model airplane kits are reasonably priced and have a good level of detail. They are also reasonably easy to assemble.

Modelcraft also produces and distributes Collectible Desktop Aircraft, Diecast vehicles, and Miniature Doll Houses. They also distribute model kits by other manufacturers such as Academy, Hat, Heller and Trumpeter.

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