Italeri Incorporated Model Kits

Italeri Incorporated Model Kits

Italeri IncorporatedItaleri  Incorporated are another model manufacturer who are innovative in their approach to the kits they produce.

Like many model manufacturers Italeri was born out of passion for building scale models as an answer to a gap in the modeling market. If the models you want to make are not available… make the ones you want. This how Italeri started 50 years ago in 1952. They cover a lot of Italian subjects that might other wise have been neglected.

These kits are sometimes produced from molds from other manufacturers.  Case in point being the TBM Avenger in 1/48 scale which is actually the Accurate miniatures mold but with different decals by Cartograph, the Rolls Royce of decal manufacturers in my humble opinion! And I find it’s my opinions that count!

Also Italeri Incorporated have purchased the majority of the Esci molds when the company went under and are now releasing them under their brand. I’m enjoying this as Esci was a favourite of mine back in the early 80’s.

Check out the Italeri Incorporated category for articles of the Italeri models I have built.

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Video: Italeri Incorporated Official YouTube Channel

Italeri have an official YouTube Channel with a few promo videos to watch. This one is the Italeri 12005 – Mirage 2000C My First Model Kit – Tutorial DVD Trailer

More About Italeri Incorporated

Italeri Incorporated is an Italian manufacturer of plastic scale models of airplanes military vehicles helicopters ships trucks.…

ESCI: After 2000 Italeri began re-releasing many interesting and still accurate ESCI kits this time under the Italeri brand and with new.…

Fictional stealth aircraft produced in kit form by Italian model manufacturer Italeri in co-operation with American model company Testors.…

Testor Corporation: Later that same decade the Italian model kit manufacturer Italeri was acquired further expanding Testor’s line of plastic model kits.…

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