ICM Holding Model Kits

ICM Holding Model Kits

ICM HoldingICM Holding models are one of my favourite kit manufacturers. I think their kits in 1/72 scale are outstanding. The airplane model kits are well designed with good detail and are very affordable when compared to similarly detailed kits.

The styrene plastic is a mite soft, however it glues and dresses nicely. This softness means the parts are more likely to bend than than a harder more brittle plastic which would break. This being said, it is just as likely to ping off from between tweezers and disappear on the great concrete floor monster!

ICM has a wide range of models covering a lot of the soviet aircraft models which some main stream manufacturers would steer clear of as being too much of a ‘risk’ to produce. The more conservative manufacturers consider that the demand for this type of kit would not be great enough to warrant the expense of the mold manufacture.

ICM Holding‘s initial releases were perhaps not well quality controlled in the beginning and some badly formed kits were dispatched. However quality control seems to have improved immensely and I personally have not had a bad kit from them!

You can see my posts about  building the Messerschmidt Me109E-7 Trop which covers one of my experience with ICM Holding Kits.

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More About ICM Holding

ICM Holding is a plastic kit manufacturer from the Ukraine that exports to markets in Europe, America, Asia & Australasia. It is a relatively young company with just 10 years experience since starting up in 2003. However with a focus on quality and high production standards ICM have become recognized world wide as makers of quality plastic kits.
ICM produce model airplane kits in 1:48 and 1:72 scales from the World War 2 and modern eras and is  a permanent exhibitor of Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.