Accurate Miniatures Model Kits

Accurate Miniatures Model Kits

accurate miniaturesAccurate Miniatures was in my opinion the best Model kitset manufacturer on the market. Incredibly well detailed kits for a reasonable price, considering the amount of detail. The kit range was small but it was being expanded.

The fit of the kits is good and the instructions complete and exceptional. With colour call outs through out the build sequence and a detailed colour chart with several paint manufacturers listed and the equivalent paint numbers listed.

Accurate Miniatures was out of business for a while (2001) but there had been a change of management and they are back stronger than ever. UPDATE: As at 02/19/2011 the domain expired. One can only surmise that Accurate Miniatures have finally gone out of business – a real shame.

There are still some Accurate Miniatures Model Kits kicking around if you would like to try your hand at one of these superb model airplane kits

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History of Accurate Miniatures

Accurate Miniatures is an American manufactuter of scale plastic model kits. It is owned by Collins-Habovick LLC and is located in Concord, North Carolina, United States. Their products primarily consist plastic model airplane kits from World War II, though they also make model kits of planes and automobiles from other eras.…

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