Italeri 1:48 P40M-N Kittyhawk Mk4 Project

I decided after two small scale models that my next would be a larger scale model and decided to build the Italeri 1:48 P40M-N Kittyhawk Mk4 kitset. Why? Simple. This will be an out of the box build (O.O.B.)

The P40M-N Kittyhawk kitset is reasonably well detailed and has decals for 6 different aircraft. The model airplane kit also supplies decals for the Sutton harness used in this aircraft. Some modelers prefer to use masking tape or photo etch for the seat belts but again this adds an extra cost if your using either because you will need photo etch for the buckles. Many prefer to use them as it adds realism and just plain looks good but I’ll do this as cheaply as I can, hence the out of the box build.

P-40M-N Kittyhawk Fighter 1:48 Italeri

1/48 Italeri P40m/n

The kit comes in five sprues, four in a light grey plastic and the fifth is clear containing the canopy and landing light. The sprues are divided into two plastic bags one containing the wings and fuel tanks, bombs etc. The other contains the fuselage some cockpit and some interior parts. The clear sprue is in it’s own bag to prevent it being scratched during shipping and storage. You can see photo details of the kit in the P40M-N Kittyhawk photo gallery.

I’ll start work in the front office – it’s well detailed for the scale and will look good with little effort. As well as the fuselage detail with perhaps a little augmenting of the cooler arrangement.

History of the P40M-N Kittyhawk Mk4

The P40M-N was a lightened version of the earlier P40 with smaller alloy wheels and lightened airframe, with four 50 caliber machine guns as opposed to the usual 6 however in the field the other two guns were usually  fitted to improve the hitting power of the aircraft. The RNZAF P40’s were usually tasked with bomber escort with corsairs or hellcats flying top cover because the P40’s performance was only good to 15000 feet or so. Above that it fell off quickly and the P40 although not a sitting duck were at a distinct disadvantage.

Using the kitset’s decals I will be able to make a RNZAF 15 Squadron aircraft flown by New Zealand Pacific Ace Flight Lieutenant Geoff Fisken. The aircraft has nose art and is labeled “The Wairarapa Wild Cat”. The aircraft was flown from the Henderson field during 1943, and it’s pilot was an interesting man; his story is quite riveting!

Modelling the P40 :- Hawk 81 Tomahawk, Warhawk and Kittyhawk

There is a good resource book from Osprey book called Modelling the P40 :- Hawk 81 Tomahawk, Warhawk and Kittyhawk. Which gives excellent advice and information on how to model the Airplane correctly.

Well enough writing for now as it’s preventing me from starting work!

Cheers and happy modeling till next time.


Further articles on the build can be found under the category P40M-N Kittyhawk



Avid WW2 aviation enthusiast and modeller. Been making model kits since age nine and I now model mostly ww2 model airplanes. (my wife is an understanding one!)

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