Bomber Aircraft Model Kits

Bomber Aircraft Model Kits

Bomber aircraft, a group of aircraft capable of carrying bombs, is a fairly large group of World War 2 airplanes.

WW2 Bomber AircraftEvery nation in the conflict had a bomber aircraft arm, from the hopelessly obsolete to the ultra modern. The range is huge, from the obscure to the famous, but one thing is certain most were big aircraft so scale is a big consideration!

Consider this: you can model bomber aircraft from America, Australia, China, Germany, Great Britian, Holland, Finland, Belgium, Poland and even our own country New Zealand! Any country that operated aircraft during the second world war.

Here is a list of Bomber Aircraft used in the 2nd World War that cover the following classes:

  • Heavy bombers
  • Medium bombers
  • Light bombers and close support aircraft
  • Carrier-based naval bombers

You could also include the non combatant nations like Switzerland who impressed any aircraft that breached their nutrality, whether Allied or German and used them in their own air force.

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